Ortovox - 3+

The Ortovox 3+ has been designed to be as simple as possible to use, even for inexperienced searchers operating in a stressful situation. The 3+ is equipped with sensors for intelligent position recognition. The sensors instantly analyse the position of the buried device, then automatically selects the antenna with the best reception to lead the searcher to the buried victim. The search time is noticeably reduced by this technology. The LCD display, with real time depiction, concentrates on the most important things: the distance to and the position of the buried victim. The directional arrow shows the direction to search and the distance display shows how far to go, simple. In the clearly designed LCD display up to 3 buried victims are shown. As soon as the first transmitter has been found it can be marked with the "pin" key and isolated. The buried victim is displayed as pinned and the search can be continued. To make it as simple as possible for even inexperienced searchers to operate in stressful situations the 3+ was equipped with only one push key – the "pin" key. The 3+ is comes in an ergonomically shaped protective rubber sleeve. Even when wearing gloves the unit is very easy to operate. The 3+ operates on the world-wide standardized frequency of 457 kHz and is compatible with all beacons that work on the same frequency. The 3+ is updateable and thus remains always at the cutting edge of technology. It requires only one easily available AA battery to work. Effective use of a transceiver requires proper training and continuous practice. Always wear your transceiver next to your body under outer clothing. Carefully read the owners manual included with this transceiver. Always take a shovel and a probe when traveling in avalanche terrain and never travel alone.                                                                                       

3+ Smart Antenna
The 3+ has a position sensor, which can analyze the position of the device in the avalanche and switches to the best transmitting antenna. Worst coupling positions are thus eliminated.
3+ Fast Find
The presentation of the real-time display is limited to the essentials. It displays the distance and direction. Once you are in the refined search area, the displayed circle shows whether you are getting closer to the victim or moving away from him/her. Battery status and number of buried/marked victims appear small.
3+ Fine Search
In the refined search area, the patented circular display shows you whether you are getting closer to the victim or moving away from him/her in increments of 10 cm. The optimized, distinct search acoustics supports you in the search by pitch of the tone and volume.
3+ Easy Mark
The number of victims is shown in the display. With the "pin" key you can quickly and easily mark located victims and continue the search


  • Receive function: digital
  • No. of antennas: 3
  • Max. range / search strip width (in m): 40 / <40
  • Comfortable bag and hand loop
  • Up-Box update compatible
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic switch over in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Display of all victims
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Visual support at fine search
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology ™
  • Permanent monitoring of the transmitter
  • Self-test
  • Flagging function
  • Display backlight
  • Recco Reflector Inside
  • Partner check
  • Batteries: 1AA Alkaline 1,5 V
  • Transmission capacity: 250h
  • Dimensions (in mm): 122 x 73 x 27
  • Weight (incl. battery and case): 270g
  • Warranty: 5 years with registration
  • Display of all victims

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