Superfeet - Trim-To-Fit Womens Trailblazer Comfort Max


Superfeet - Trim-To-Fit Womens Trailblazer Comfort Max

Superfeet's newest trim-to-fit insole, designed to give maximum comfort, cushioning and support in trail shoes, hiking and mountaineering boots, and similar footwear with a removable factory lining. Better support means less shifting and hotspots, and helps your feet work more efficiently, meaning more miles with less foot tiredness. 

  • Women's specific stabiliser cap and foam shape.
  • EVOLyte flexible carbon fibre composite stabiliser cap improves support and stability on rough ground.
  • 6mm Aerospring Ascent duel foam layer for full-foot comfort.
  • Heel impact pad for extra cushioning.
  • Superfeet shape minimises shifting, hotspots and sore toes.
  • Moisturewick top sheet with odour control.

Fabrication time: Approximately 2-3 mins to trim and fit (we will do this for you free of charge in our store).

This model replaces the Women's Berry insole.

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Product Code: SUPI237

 Please note that the stock levels shown on our website are not 'live'. If you are planning a trip to our Leamington store, please [ contact us ] for the latest stock information.

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