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Fitting - Backpacks

People come in lots of shapes and sizes, and we pick our range of backpacks accordingly - not just offering a range of different carrying capacities and design features, but also different harness sizes for different shapes and sizes of people.

We offer backpacks for most kinds of use, including day hiking, day trips, hut-to-hut walks, climbing, mountaineering, ski-touring, travelling, trekking, backpacking, and trail running.

  • We are a Deuter Fit Center, and offer backpacks in a choice of three different harness sizes: standard, SL (for women or short/slim build) and XL (extra long back).
  • We offer Lowe Alpine backpacks in up to three different harness sizes: standard, ND (for women), and long (extra long back).
  • We offer Osprey backpacks in several different harness sizes: women's short, women's medium, women's O/S, men's S/M, men's M/L, men's O/S, men's medium, men's large, and kid's. Some of our Osprey trekking backpacks also offer heat-mouldable hipbelts, for a true custom fit.
  • For 2018, we are pleased to add Gregory backpacks to our range, offering various options of men's and women's harness sizes.

We are always on the lookout for other premium backpack brands which will offer alternative fit options.

Our backpack fitting process

We would always start by discussing what activity or use you need your backpack for: the amount and type of kit you need to carry, as well as the terrain and weather conditions you might encounter.

It is usually best to try a backpack on with light clothing, as you will be more aware of how the shoulder straps are sitting round your neck (for example), as well as making it easier to find all the adjustment buckles.

We would always encourage you to try a backpack on with some weight in it, and walk around the store for 5-10 minutes. We have specially made weight bags for this purpose, as well as other suitably bulky and/or heavy items around the store.

We will often use a specialist back measuring device to help us find a suitable harness size for you.

A well designed pack will be suitably proportioned for the height of the wearer.

As well as having a pack that fits well, it is also important to have it adjusted properly.

As a Deuter Fit Centre, we stock backpack models in standard, women's SL, men's XL and kid's harness sizes.

A well designed women's backpack isn't just shorter in the back - it will also have a differently shaped hipbelt and shoulder straps.

Some of our Osprey trekking packs have custom mouldable hipbelts, which we heat in special oven before moulding to your hips.

Most of our hikers daypacks now have proper load-bearing hipbelts, allowing you to carry the load more comfortably on your hips, and saving strain on your neck, shoulders and back.

Some also feature suspended 'trampoline' style backpanels, which physically hold the pack away from your back, providing increased ventilation in hot weather or when working hard.

Virtually all our backpacks can be fitted with a hands-free drinking system, allowing you to keep properly hydrated on the move, and ensuring the weight of the water is carried high and close to your back.

 If you have any questions about our backpack fitting service, then please don't hesitate to contact our backpacking department on 01926 339388 (option 2).