Ski Safety Accessories

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5mm Prussic Cord 5mm Prussic Cord
Strong and easy-to-knot 5mm nylon kernmantle construction climbing accessory cord, ideal for making up prussic loops as a backup for abseiling, self-rescue, or crevasse rescue. Kernmantle construction (protective woven sheath with twisted core). Tie with a double-fisherman's knot for…

BCA - Slope Meter BCA - Slope Meter
The slope meter has a steel ball inside a liquid-filled tube, which when placed perpendicular to the snow, reflects the slope angle. The backside can also be used as a scraper to remove excess snow from your skins or wax from your ski. Attach to a ski pole or ski for quick and easy slope readings an…

Black Diamond - Couloir Black Diamond - Couloir
Packable to the size of a soup-can, the superlight Couloir harness is designed to be the essential skiing and mountaineering harness. Quick-release leg-loops allow fast and easy changes while wearing skis or crampons, and low-profile webbing construction allows it to be worn comfortably under packs …

Black Diamond - Free Glide Skin Care Black Diamond - Free Glide Skin Care
Sponge-on water-based treatment to prevent skin glopping in wet conditions. Can be applied to either wet or dry skins. Best applied to skins attached to skins. 60ml.

Mammut - RescYou Mammut - RescYou
The Mammut RescYou rescue device eliminates the need for complicated installations and maneuvers in the event of a crevasse rescue situation. The Mammut RescYou is an innovative rescue device designed for use in the event of a crevasse fall for either yourself or another member of your rope team…  

Mycoal - Powder Traces Mycoal - Powder Traces
No worries about loosing your skis when skiing off piste with these handy powder traces. Attach the cord to your bindings and then just tuck the ribbon up the legs of your ski pants and if your skis should come off in the deep stuff then the ribbon will will be pulled out and because they are still …

Ortovox - 240 Carbon pfa Ortovox - 240 Carbon pfa
The Ortovox 240 Carbon pfa is an easy to use and quick to assemble lightweight probe. Made from carbon fibre with a Kevlar cord, and the patented pfa tensioning system for one pull assembly. With integrated depth markings and an EVA foam Grip-sleeve this probe is easy to use in the most stressf…