Superfeet - Trim-To-Fit Womens Berry

Superfeet - Trim-To-Fit Womens Berry

Most active people take 8,000 - 13,000 steps a day. If your shoes don’t support your feet properly, unstable foot movement can cause friction, blisters, bunions and overall misalignment. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Specifically engineered to address the unique qualities of women's feet and footwear, Berry's features are designed to improve shoe fit, comfort and shock absorption for women who run, walk or stand for extended periods of time. Berry features a full-forefoot shock pad to provide extra comfort and shock absorption under the metatarsals and toes. Along with an intrinsic design that promotes ideal biomechanical alignment and function, and hybrid EVA contouring Rebound™ foam to provide an incredible fit and feel. Superfeet’s Encapsulating Stabilizer System™ (ESS™) helps support and stabilize the feet, making your shoes fit better so you can avoid unnecessary discomfort or pain. The unique combination of our patented stabilizer cap and foam full length creates a deep heel cup to cradle the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption. Superfeet treat the top covers of all Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles with Agion antimicrobial technology. Agion’s natural, silver-based antimicrobial is built right into our products to provide long-lasting protection against bacteria. Rebound high-density hybrid EVA foam increases shock absorption and energy transfer, improving both comfort and performance. This ultra-light foam resists moisture while offering advanced, long lasting comfort and an incredible fit and feel.

Fabrication time: Approximately 2-3 mins to trim and fit (we will do this for you free of charge in our store).

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Product Code: SUP1237

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