Winter Climbing Hardware

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Black Diamond - Express Ice Screw Black Diamond - Express Ice Screw
When it comes to ice screws, quality is everything - and the Express are hard to beat. Precision engineered for strength, dependability, and ease of placement, they feature: Precision milled teeth cut lightening-fast, creating a hole slightly larger than the tubing for reduced friction. …

Black Diamond - Sabretooth Clip Crampon Black Diamond - Sabretooth Clip Crampon
A superbly versatile, modern climbing and mountaineering crampon, ideal for Scottish mixed conditions and technical mountaineering, but also suitable for glacier crossing and low angle snow climbs. Stainless steel construction ensures durability and strength, while the duel secondary front points wo…

Camp - Neve Mountaineering Axe Camp - Neve Mountaineering Axe
A sleek and elegant mountaineering axe with a forged steel pick designed to deliver solid placements in hard snow and provide quick and aggressive self arrests. Ideal for general mountaineering Forged chromoly steel pick and adze Curved adze for a comfortable hand grip and good ch…

Camp - Tour Nanotech Crampon Camp - Tour Nanotech Crampon
ONLINE SALES ONLY - LAST PAIR The world's lightest steel ski mountaineering crampon, saving weight on your back (and feet), without compromising on durability or strength (as is the case with aluminium alloy models).  Features include: The lightest steel crampons in the world! …
155.00 95.00 38% off!

DMM - Cirque Axe DMM - Cirque Axe
A great ice axe for winter hillwalkers and mountaineers wanting a strong, dependable, user-friendly, and versatile tool for walking, scrambling and low-grade climbs. Features include: Full-strength 'T-rated' shaft and pick, for maximum security and dependability when climbing and usi…  

Grivel - Air Tech Light New Matic Crampon Grivel - Air Tech Light New Matic Crampon
The combination of extremely strong and sophisticated materials, together with Grivel’s advanced technology lie behind the realisation of this crampon, which leaves all the other models on the market far behind. Ten points in contact with ice while you’re walking and twelve that bite int…

Grivel - Air Tech New Matic Crampon Grivel - Air Tech New Matic Crampon
A new generation of crampons. Ten points in contact with ice while you're walking, 12 that bite into the slope during traverses. This has been made possible because the third pair of points are shorter and wider apart. On top of this the last two front points have a double angulation to maintain…

Grivel - Long Leash Grivel - Long Leash
Leash suitable for ice axe heads. The rubber tip protector can be used on the ice axe´s spike or pick. Improved with wrist support in natural rubber. Soft and comfortable it improves the leash´s grip.

Grivel - Munro Grivel - Munro
ONLINE SALES ONLY, 70cm or 75cm only  The Munro is a fine light weight entry level axe from Grivel. Ideal for the winter hillwalker, trekker or for long snow plods.
65.00 36.00 44% off!

Petzl - Glacier Literide Axe, 50cm Petzl - Glacier Literide Axe, 50cm
A lightweight and compact ice axe, ideal for ski touring, fast-and-light mountaineering, or carrying 'just in case' during winter mountain walks. 50cm size allows unobtrusive carry on your pack, and is easy to manoeuvre on steep ground. Unlike some ultra-light axes, the Glacier Literide will… OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Irvis Flexlock Crampon Petzl - Irvis Flexlock Crampon
A strap-on 10-point walkers crampon, ideal for occasional winter hillwalks and glacier crossings. Features include: 10-point design for good underfoot traction on icy paths and moderate snow slopes. More compact than a 12-point mountaineering crampon. Lots of size adjustment for a …

Petzl - Leopard LLF Petzl - Leopard LLF
A super-light and compact crampon, designed for ski-touring and snow travel. Wire toe-bail and lever-lock heel attachment system is designed for ski-touring boots and B3 mountaineering boots. Features include: 10-point design for walking and moderate slopes. Alloy construction for minim…  

Petzl - Linkin Ice Axe Leash Petzl - Linkin Ice Axe Leash
A very simple adjustable leash with a wide and soft wrist loop. A clever - but very simple - knot replaces the normal metal adjustment buckle, making this leash lighter, easier to adjust, and arguably more durable than other options. Weight: 25g. Length: 50-75cm… OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Ride Ski Touring Axe Petzl - Ride Ski Touring Axe
A very compact and lightweight technical ice axe, ideal for ski touring or glacier travel.  Features include: Small enough to stow inside a backpack, reducing risk of injury. Bevelled spike is less likely to damage you or your backpack. Steel head for durability and strength. …

Petzl - Spiky Plus Ice-Grippers Petzl - Spiky Plus Ice-Grippers
Simple, durable, and easy to use ice-grippers, ideal for winter pavements. The small spikes are along enough to give grip on smooth ice, but not too long to make them a trip-hazard or to make them awkward to carry in a pocket. Fits most types of footwear, including walking boots, street shoes…

Petzl - Vasak Leverlock Crampon Petzl - Vasak Leverlock Crampon
A versatile and well-designed 12-point mountaineering crampon, ideal for general mountaineering, winter hillwalking, and lower grade snow and ice climbs. Fits a wide variety of mountain boot models due to it's very precise length adjustment and two different toe attachment options. Features inc…

Snowline - Snowspike Pro Footpath Crampon Snowline - Snowspike Pro Footpath Crampon
A brilliant option for winter walkers who don't need or want to use a full crampon, but equally don't want to risk slips on icy hill paths and tracks. A combination of micro-spikes and chain give excellent grip on hard-packed snow and icy surfaces without the trip-hazard, weight, bulk, and i…